Edenhem is a specialist property development group with more than 16 years experience in Melbourne and have managed more than $600 million worth of property. As an emerging presence in the property market Edenhem collaborates and engages top-tier experts in architecture, design, landscape design, project sales and construction to bring high quality residences to Melbourne’s most desirable suburbs. Edenhem is dedicated to creating environments with thought and consideration for spaces that are made to live in. Edenhem’s commercial philosophy is to build up to a standard rather than down to a price and its properties reflect this driving force in site location, architectural design, fittings, fixtures and finishing.

Our Team

The Edenhem team is based in and around Bentleigh. We love the close proximity of the CBD, beaches, train stations and some of Melbourne’s best private and public schools. The Centre Road shopping strip is transforming into vibrant and cosmopolitan shopping centre and the council’s plan to reinvigorate the Centre Road precinct over the next couple of years will only further enhance the area.

Why you should buy from Edenhem

At Edenhem, we are dedicated to creating functional, family living spaces that stand the test of time. We are also driven to create projects that will be highly sought-after in coming years and much of our inspiration is taking into consideration the local area and harmonising the development with its environment. As such, each element of the development, from the design consultants to the finishing touches are given extensive thought and deliberation.

Our group has more than 16 year’s experience producing the best outcome for each development. We approach each apartment as if it where our own and tailor each apartment to individual buyers’ needs.