Edenhem’s design philosophy takes a holistic approach that embraces and consolidates the knowledge and design strengths of our team.

We believe that all design must first be informed by a deep understanding of the intrinsic purpose behind every idea. A thorough understanding of those who use our products, and the context in which they are used, provides a fundamental principle that sits at the core of each project.

We focus on providing the very best residential development for each particular site. We consult with the local community, analyse the area and architecture along with nearby amenities. Out team them creates what it thinks will be the most suitable development.

As each development has different characteristic, Edenhem engages a team that is most suitable to that area, whether that be contemporary, classical, urban or industrial.

Choosing a Development Site

For Edenhem, the number one priority for choosing a site is it must suit the local environment.

However, not all development sites are on convenient locations but Edenhem gives great emphasis to feng shui, a Chinese philosophical system of harmonising with the surrounding environment. Edenhem consults with a feng shui expert on every development to look at the energy flow of a property and particularly focus on its energy flow in the streets, rivers, electrical lines, etc. We also look at the prior use of the land and the use of the surrounding lots. We often recommend against purchasing a property if it cannot match our standards.

Development Locations

Development locations are determined on the basis of council growth zones, public transport, community and shopping centres. Every development purchased within the past two years is within walking distance of a major supermarket, shopping strip, train station and within the McKinnon school zone.

As a result of this product mix, Edenhem has attracted a large number of owner-occupiers, downsizing from their existing homes which we think is testament to the quality of our product especially considering all the pleasing positive feedback from our purchasers.